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Going on tour, need venue (NOT A BAR) in Phoenix this weekend - Unwoman's Journal

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April 8th, 2011

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12:23 am - Going on tour, need venue (NOT A BAR) in Phoenix this weekend
[Edit: I played at Copper Star Coffee last night in Phoenix and it was rad, small crowd but the random strangers who were there LOVED me and bought tons of CDs from me. And I'm playing Bookmans in Mesa on 4/18 at 7 pm, again acoustic acacella. Phew.]

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a tour, my main destination being the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo in Oklahoma City, April 15-17. I'm playing a house concert in Dallas 4/13 and have an all-ages show in LA on my way back, 4/21.

I have no venue in Arizona this weekend. I had two people over there trying to book one for me, and I have a strong fanbase in the Phoenix area where I'll be staying, but still, nothing. I am willing to play *literally anywhere* that's reasonably physically comfortable and isn't a noisy bar. I mean, mansion, mausoleum, middle school, mosque... seriously anywhere. I do not need to make money aside from merch and tips since I'm on my way to a gig that should pay.

I have a tentative spot in Mesa on 4/18 on my way back, so that's something at least, but I'm there for two nights this weekend, 4/9 and 4/10 and really just wanted to play for some people.

Here's a present to thank you for reading this. It's an Unwoman remix of a Peter Gabriel cover of an Arcade Fire song. I made this so I could dance along at home but it would be rad to see a real bellydancer take this on.

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