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Upcoming Shows, UK edition


These shows are all on the embedded google calendar on http://unwoman.com but I feel like no one looks at those, so this is a facebook event link summary.

OK, first, I am playing one show in SF, the night before I leave for London.
Feb 1, Hotel Utah, me & Felix (Heavy Sugar Duo) and Eliza Rickman. Also one other band we're waiting to hear back from.

Feb 2 I head to London and I arrive Feb 3. My amazing hostess and fellow songstress TyLean will be showing me around Britain and performing with me at all but the Brighton show below:

Feb 5, fabulous steampunk night with Bitter Ruin, show starts at 8 pm.

Feb 6, Unwoman & TyLean in Wakefield

*Feb 9, Unwoman & TyLean in London at Battersea Barge
Advance tickets recommended, here: http://www.tylean.com/

Feb 10, Unwoman & TyLean at Hyem in Newcastle UK (just added)

Feb 12 Unpretention in Manchester (fundraiser for the Booth Centre)

*if you are between locations & unsure which to attend, I recommend this event -- the venue is lovely and we should have time to each play a very full set. Though the other events are cheaper.

When I get back to the states I have several steampunk events this Spring -- Nova Albion in Santa Clara, Gaslight Gathering in San Diego, and Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition -- at which I'll be a featured performer. It's going to be a big year for me full of travel and fun!
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