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Our 48-hour film project - Unwoman's Journal

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October 1st, 2010

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08:16 am - Our 48-hour film project
Don't know how much I mentioned on here, but a few months ago I participated in http://www.48hourfilm.com/sanfrancisco/

This is what we did:

Matrón from Matt Waters on Vimeo.


I joined a team, The Center For Kids Who Can't Film Good*, met with them, read some lines, but wanted to do music. They had a band doing music already, so it ended up the only musical contribution I made were the orchestra hits when the names pop up (you'll see.) But two of the other actors from the meet-up didn't arrive on Saturday, and no one else in the crew wanted to act (some did anyway) so I got a pretty important role. This was before any acting training and I'm actually reasonably pleased with my work, considering what a tight timeline we had. It was a fantastic experience and a great group of people, none of whom I'd met beforehand.

*I always appreciate a Zoolander reference
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